3 Iconic Lamps you Should Invest in

In evidence some designer lamps on which to invest without ever regretting it

In the field of design, some icons never go out of fashion. The lamps are no exception and they cut out their space in the interior furnishings in a lasting way until they enter that category of objects defined timeless. This is the case of “Pipistrello”, for example the famous lamp designed in 1965 by Gae Aulenti or “Jieldé” made in full industrial style by French designer Jean-Louis Domecq in 1940. In reality it is real sculptures that dress the interiors with style and elegance. These small design jewels are born mainly in the ’30s,’ 40s, ’50s, more limited in the’ 60s, until the ’80s. Christian Dell, Le Corbusier and Vico Magistretti are perhaps the designers who most marked the epochs with an inimitable style, literally giving light to icons such as KAISER iDell,

The designer

Among the lamps considered icons, KAISER iDell was conceived in 1931 by the German designer Christian Dell. The lamp was conceived in the simple but avant-garde style that distinguished all the objects that came out of the Bauhaus workshops. In our modern times, KAISER iDell has become a series based on a patented swivel joint and dome in relief. Available in black, matt black, ivory, white and ruby ​​red, the Kaiser Idell are made of steel with a hand-painted shade. 

Result of the work of the architect, urban planner, painter and Swiss national French designer Le Corbusier. the Projecteurit had been designed to illuminate the High Court of Chandigarh, India, in 1954. The body of the lamp is in aluminum painted in dark blue, white sand or mocha. The diffuser glass is convex and sanded internally. The base and the rosettes are painted like the body. The closing nuts are black chromed like the rest of the small parts. Available in earth, wall / ceiling and suspension versions. The wall / ceiling and suspension versions are also available for outdoor use.

“The most important thing for me is conceptual simplicity, which is usually translated into constructive clarity. A conceptually simple object could be achieved by simply using the telephone “. These are the words with which the famous Italian designer and architect Vico Magistretti defined his idea of ​​a project. A clear example of this is the Kuta lamp, created in 1980. It is a table and wall lamp made up of a circular aluminum reflector that shields the light emission.  Creating the effect of a solar eclipse. The circular screen is painted black and white. the stem and the small metal parts are chromed. as well as the hemispherical wall support. In the table version the base is in white marble.

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