Each environment needs the right lighting

How lighting changes in retail, for residential, for hotel and hospitality and for landscaping

Light influences the complete perception of the environment that surrounds us as well as our way of doing, being and judging a place. For this reason the lighting must be dosed and applied in a conscious way, to enhance each environment and be able to transform any critical aspects into positive aspects.

Lighting and retail

Lighting up stores and sales spaces in the right way is essential to improve the buyer’s experience and increase sales. It is not enough to “aim” on the shelves to enhance the goods on sale. We need to be able to build real light scenes inside the store, to emphasize the colors and materials of the protagonist products. The windows, the dressing rooms, the desk areas, the shelves … every space has its “rules” and needs.

Lighting in the residential area

Light is one of the most important aspects in determining environmental comfort and quality of life in a home. Depending on the rooms, the needs change. You can opt for diffused light (for example with a ceiling chandelier), or provide light sources characterized by more intense and directed light, such as lights for working, cooking, reading … 
Besides having a very precise functionality, lamps and chandeliers they become real furnishing elements. From the ground or suspended? Sober or romantic design? Modern ceiling lights or elegant recessed spotlights? Each house has its own style, with each style its type of lighting.

Lighting in the hospitality industry

Chandeliers, ceiling lamps, table lamps: hotels and in general the whole hospitality sector must carefully consider the way to illuminate their spaces. Beginning with the lobby and reception area, the first environments with which you come into contact. From the first moment, customers must feel at ease. The same applies to relaxation areas, corridors, bars and restaurants. Until you get to the room, a proper lighting can make it welcoming, helping to make the guest feel “at home” and have a positive experience. From the wall lamps for the bathroom to those for the bedside table, from the suspension for the hall to the floor lamp for the reading area, each element must be studied in detail.

Light & outdoor landscapes

Even outdoor lighting has the ability to influence our perception and instill a feeling of well-being. The choice of the right garden lamps, the lighting for the entrance driveways, the solutions for balconies and terraces, makes it possible to transform the outdoor space into a comfortable environment.

The importance of lighting designers

So there are many aspects to consider when you furnish your home, set up a store, design a garden.  It is important to rely on professionals and not improvise “lighting designer”. The lighting design, or lighting design, in fact, is a real professional discipline that aims to study and offer the best lighting solutions. The goal is to give the environments the best visual perception that enhances their aesthetics and completes their functional aspect.

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