DS 3 Crossback 2019: customizable style, unique design

DS 3 Crossback 2019: the in-depth study of aesthetics with a unique design in the Automotive market

Exterior design

Unpublished proportions and sculptural design, these are the aesthetic features of the DS 3 Crossback, the compact SUV of the French luxury brand. “The projections and alignments of the DS 3 Crossback body panels create a perfect game.” These are the words of Pascal Béziat, director of the DS 3 Crossback project. “We have created a vehicle that not only meets the needs of premium customers but which, as was our intention from the start of the project, is also spectacular. Many technical choices have been guided by this criterion. Furthermore, this car allows DS Automobiles to write a new chapter in its history with the DS 3 Crossback E-TENSE, the Brand’s first 100% electric model. »

Size and aesthetics

With 4.12 m in length, 1.79 m in width and 1.53 m in height, DS 3 Crossback offers compact proportions but with a strong personality and volumes designed to create an energetic silhouette. On the front side the DS Wings grille, chiselled like a jewel, the LED rows (with DS Matrix LED elongated optical groups) express charisma but also high technological content. The lines of the muscular bonnet, the large 690 mm wheels, the largest in the segment, give a solid trim on the road, at the front as well as at the rear. The top-of-the-line features of the DS 3 Crossback are underlined by numerous details that allow the car to stand out, like the glass seals, now made invisible, the retractable door handles, and again the essential roof line without the antenna. The spectacular layout of the rear lights is highlighted by an elegant chrome bar. The rear bumper wraps the double exhaust.


DS 3 Crossback is positioned as a refined and dynamic SUV from the first glance, with the shark fin inherited from DS 3 and the floating roof customizable in three colors. In addition, 10 types of rims are available, 10 body colors, including the new Millennium Blue taken from the dream-car DS X E-Tense, proposals that allow many combinations for the body and the possibility of customization. For the 100% electric version of DS 3 Crossback E-Tense a specific Cristal Pearl color has been studied.

Unpublished door handles

Crossback DS3 is the first model of the category with handles of the doors concealed . The handles come out when the user requests it, and then disappears into the side of the car, when it is stopped and when it is in motion. Moreover, with the opening and starting system without ignition key, it is sufficient to approach the car, within a radius of 1.5m, to open it and automatically release the 4 handles. When the user moves away, the handles retract and the vehicle closes.

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