MyNove25, here is the online configurator for custom jewelry

The total customization of your ring, or of your bracelet, can now easily pass through a simple handful of clicks. Objective: to innovate the production process by combining digitalisation and craftsmanship , thus ensuring high quality and short time. This seems to be the challenge undertaken by Nove25 , an Italian brand based in Milan engaged since 2005 in the production of customized jewels , which on the last White Street Market in Milan presented its latest technological innovation to the public: an online configurator, named # MyNove25, which allows customers, in boutiques or at home, to design their own jewelery by taking advantage of hundreds of possible combinations of models, materials, finishes and decorations.

“This is a big bet for the company,” says Roberto Dibenedetto , founder of Nove25. “This configurator, which we have developed over the last year and which we will continue to enhance in the coming months, not only allows us to effectively satisfy our customers’ requests for customization, but also to significantly reduce construction times and product delivery. On the other hand, style today also passes through personalization, the uniqueness of what you wear ”. By accessing # MyNove25 it is therefore possible to create a 3D digital prototype of the object you wish to purchase, following a simple series of steps to reach a very high customization rate. It starts, for example, by selecting theaccessory that you want to design (between bands, chevaliers, bracelets, rings with stone and so on) and indicating the size. Then we proceed with the choice of symbols , initials, monograms, names or lyrics of songs that we want to engrave on the surface, using fonts and models pre-loaded in the system. And finally, the desired finishes are indicated , ranging from the color of the enamel to those of any stone.

“The model generated through the configurator,” Dibenedetto continues, “is then sent to the company and optimized by our graphics: once this step is made, the data is then transferred to an automated laser machine, which directly affects the silver. This, for example, allows us to obtain a chevalier with initials or monogram in just a few minutes, which is then cleaned, glazed and refined by our expert craftsmen. And therefore sent to the customer “ . In short, through the configurations obtained with # MyNove25 and the digitalisation of the project, it is possible to drastically shorten the time required for the production of a custom object, traditionally much longer and with many more intermediate steps, reaching almost the finish line ofsimultaneity . The online configurator of Nove25 can be used in brand stores, but also from the comfort of your home, desktop or  mobile . Dibenedetto concludes: “To date, through the models on the site, the degree of customization that our customers can reach is already quite high. But our goal is to continue to implement the possibilities of MyNove25. With new fonts and new symbols, of course, but you could soon arrive even at the direct loading of images or similar to be engraved on the jewel. We are still working on it, but this path seems to be this “ .

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