This special piano contains 20 instruments within it

From violin to castanets, passing through a xylophone. Here is the Frankenstein piano developed by the Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes

Twenty instruments in one. Gathered under the aegis of a hacked pianocapable of becoming a drum, violin, cymbals and so on. This is the idea with which the Ukrainian indie band of Brunettes Shoot Blondes has decided to characterize the single – and the related music video – of Houston , which in a few months became a small viral phenomenon.

With the help of a team of engineers , the group installed all the other instruments inside the piano structure, without ever using any type of electrical connection . The project, which required three years of preparation, has thus given birth to a great Frankenstein plan, which has become a true work in its own right. Of technique, craftsmanship and yes, in some ways even art.

The success was remarkable, with over 700 thousand views for the clip of the song, to which the band had to add exclusively its own voice . So the Brunettes Shoot Blondes have decided to tell the birth of this collage of instruments in a video, where each single step of the technical enterprise is illustrated , from the addition of the xylophone to that of the castanets, passing by the time it was incorporated to the whole also an air organ. Here is the video, to be taken as a starting point for future musical experiments.

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