Web marketing: what it is and what strategies it uses

The web marketing is that branch of marketing that refers to all marketing activities that are carried out on the web. Like traditional marketing, online marketing is also articulated in different strategies that have the main objective of expanding their commercial network and establishing long-lasting relationships with their online customers. It is precisely the companies that operate on the web that need to deepen the aspect of web marketing: in fact, if there are strategies that work, all of this will have a positive impact on the profits of your company.

What is web marketing and what are its tools

Web marketing, such as that performed by Neting.it , is a set of tools and strategies that are used to promote a certain brandor certain products or services, using the internet. However, before implementing online marketing strategies, it is necessary to open a website. Only then, with the right marketing operations, can it be made visible to visitors. By making the website visible, the goal is precisely to attract potential customers with their product or service and above all to make it prefer to that of other competitors. For this reason, at the base of every marketing strategy there are the desires and needs of potential customers who must be satisfied with their offer of products or services. That is why, before preparing a marketing strategy, it is necessary to identify a reference target, ie a group of people to contact. Once the online customers are acquired, if they are satisfied, always via the Internet (for example through social networks or online reviews), these will trigger a word of mouth that will allow to further expand the commercial network of that company.

The tools used by web marketing are:

  • the Internet sites , on the basis of these can be attracted visitors who become potential customers;
  • the social networks , through which you can reach an unlimited number of potential customers (many more than those that can be achieved offline). Think, for example, of marketing strategies based on advertising on Facebook that can be targeted to customized targets based on interests, age, sex and many other parameters;
  • the newsletters , are the tool par excellence for being able to continue to “give value” to their customers once they have already made the purchase, so that the relationship with them becomes lasting and they continue to make purchases.

Web marketing strategies

Among the strategies of web marketing there are certainly those that relate to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that is to the optimization for search engines. These are all those strategies that allow a given website to appear in the top search engine results when users search. Then there are also promotion and advertising strategies (that is, actual advertising): as seen, you can use Social Networks (Facebook or Instagram) to insert your own advertisements (in this case, reference is made to that branch of web marketing called social media marketing). Finally, another strategy widely used in the field of web marketing is that of affiliation, that is Affiliate Marketing: it is an agreement between the affiliate and the advertiser with which the affiliate undertakes to insert in his web pages or social links to products of the advertiser, so as to promote them, receiving a commission for each purchase made through that link.

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