How will Apple product design change now?

After the farewell of Ive rumors and expectations about a change of course in the aesthetics of the iPhone, Macbook, iPad, Apple Watch and iMac are chasing each other

iphone camera below screen
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How will Apple change its products now that Sir Jony Ive has left theleadership of the design industry (but he has not completely abandoned the company)? There are several hypotheses of the analysts who see a possible new wave of renewal within the catalog of bitten apples, with some solutions which, moreover, have been invoked for some time, but which have not yet debuted.

L ‘ farewell Ive the role Apple chief design officer to devote himself to his new company will necessarily change Love From the tables for the Cupertino giant.

Although, apparently, it will continue to collaborate in some way, it is not difficult to imagine that you will see new paths, without the often cumbersome presence of the mind behind the aesthetics of products that have become iconic, such as iMac, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod and of course iPhone .

It is no mystery that many users criticized the choice of an extreme search for minimalism, to the detriment of the loss of some highly appreciated hardware components and functionality. Two practical examples: on the one hand the 3.5 mm jack for audio devices and on the other the Touch Id in favor of the Face Id . What will we see in practice?

The next iPhones are ready and will not be changed, with that square configuration of the rear camera that has done so much discussion. But the generation of 2020 could shuffle everything not only at the hardware level ( 5G , only oled screens and camera below the screen ) but also with loudly requested choices, like the fingerprint scanner under the screen , no bumps for the rear sensors and a minimum notch . The proven success of iPhone Xr against iPhone Xs and Xs Max is a valid indicator of what users would prefer to review.

One of the components that would be received with great enthusiasm would be the USB type-c input , which has already made its entry into the Macbook segment . Even if you lose a few millimeters in thickness.

Macbooks could be revolutionized with an almost borderless screen and maybe even a touchscreen, no more touchbars and above all with the return of the Magsafe charging input and the Face Id with the webcam. And maybe a keyboard no longer “butterfly” .

Similar discourse for iMacs that could become touch and also accept the Apple Pencil , reduce the edges and maybe orient the inclination at will. Both products could perhaps also guarantee access to the expansion of ram and internal memory, but it seems much more complex as a hypothesis. Finally, Apple Watch may slim down and maybe point to the under-screen camera and HomePods shrink in size

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