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The ‘ tabletop lighting is among the lights, the type that best embodies the current research between form and function, aesthetics and performance, decor and technology. True domestic micro-installations, table lamps are more and more essential yet complex objects and, given their measurements, participate in the contemporary adventure of transportable objects that can easily be integrated into different situations and […]

Colored lamps, when color meets design

As for the domestic environments, which we perceive differently once the walls are repainted.   Perhaps daring an unusual color, so we feel a sort of amazement in seeing an object that we took for granted. Which is shown in an unusual nuance or finish which makes it appear new and unexpected. It is the sensation that […]

3 Iconic Lamps you Should Invest in

In evidence some designer lamps on which to invest without ever regretting it In the field of design, some icons never go out of fashion. The lamps are no exception and they cut out their space in the interior furnishings in a lasting way until they enter that category of objects defined timeless. This is the case […]